Logothetis organic farm {zakynthos island, Greece


Logothetis farm holidays in Zakynthos Zante island, Greece

the organic farm

Angela and Dionysis Logothetis returned to the farm, which belongs to the family for more than three centuries, in 1997. Wanting to offer to their guests what they already enjoy, quietness, seclusion, relaxation, nature, they began on the top of the ruins of the old farmhouses to build houses with respect to their surroundings, their history and nature.
Additionally, being very aware of environmental issues, they applied the principles of organic farming in cultivation procedures, creating an environment free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, producing and establishing pure organic products.  In this way, the Logothetis farm became the first organic farm within the Marine Park area, being a pioneer in applying principles of sustainable farming.

In this piece of land, nature was generous and people here with respect to this generosity enjoy its gifts.
Pinetree and oaktree forests that lead the eye right into the deep blue sea. Olive groves for our extra virgin olive oil. Horses, cows, sheep and goats providing us all their freshly products.
Here, Logothetis family, for more than 250 years produces the blessed product of the greek earth, extra virgin olive oil. You are welcomed to taste it, enjoy it and buy it for home.

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